Like most inventions, the SarcMark™ came to be out of necessity. Its creator, Douglas Sak, was writing an e-mail to a friend and was attempting to be sarcastic. It occurred to him that the English Language, and perhaps other languages, lacked a punctuation mark to denote sarcasm.

Sarcasm, Inc. was formed in 2006 to pursue this idea, and with a great deal of effort and undying support from family and friends, the punctuation mark for sarcasm came to life.

Despite treading on the unchartered territory of inventing a punctuation mark, the shareholders of Sarcasm, Inc. have been pleasantly surprised by the rate at which it has spread and the demand for the SarcMark™ to be available on additional platforms. Sarcasm, Inc. intends to relentlessly pursue development on new platforms and spread what is a simple idea, but absolutely necessary in the sarcastic world we live in today.

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